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-  Non-financial Retirement Coaching (individual, couples, and group)

-  RSP and LOP administration and   


-  Ethical wills and legacy planning

-  Workshops and presentations on retirement and retirement coaching



Through our assessments, the Retirement Success Profile™ and the LifeOptions Profile™, you gain a strong foundation of personal data upon which you can build the best plan for your retirement. As your coach, I will help you understand the discoveries and insights revealed from your assessment and work with you to build upon this foundation to achieve your retirement dream.  

Retirement Coaching

Transitions can be challenging and if Change was easy, everyone would "Just Do It". This next phase can be the best, let me assist!

l Retirement is my Passion! "Retirement" can be a 10 letter word, yet that's OLD NEWS. Let me help you Explore, Assess and Discover, you (and partner's) goals, strengths, dreams, concerns and fears... and make and implement, a Plan of ACTION. 

The Process of Coaching

Meet Your Coach: Susan Ackley, CRC

I have been an Retirement Coach since 2011 and have more than 20 years of experience as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Addiction Counselor, and Distance Certified Counselor and am a founding member of the Retirement Coaches Association. I have extensive experience helping individuals and couples manage and adapt to change.   After seeing first hand the benefit of retirement coaching, I am passionate about the value it has to those experiencing such a major transition, and it's usefulness to those about to retire or those struggling in retirement to create a more fulfilling and satisfying retirement life. 

The Process

The process is simple.  After a free initial consultation, you will receive the link to complete an assessment.  The assessments are scientifically designed, validated, and proven as effective tools that help you begin to think about and prepare for your retirement. Your responses to carefully structured questions reveal insights into your current attitudes and opinions about work, family life, relationships, leisure time and others, and how these will areas are affected as you move toward retirement  Results are interpreted by your coach to get your personal retirement readiness profile.  Together we review the five key areas of retirement: mental, social, spiritual, physical and your financial comfort.  We then establish personal retirement coaching goals to help you explore and to find you own self-designed path to your dream retirement.  Coaching takes place weekly or biweekly for as long as you find the process useful and rewarding either by phone, video chat or in office. 

Cost of Coaching

As you might expect, the cost of coaching depends on the number of sessions, type of session (individual /couples/or group).  You will find coaching rates vary from coach to coach. I do not publish rates but welcome the opportunity to discuss them with you personally. Keep in mind that an experienced coach will cost more than a beginner and group rates will be less than individual or couples rates. However, whether one-on-one, with your spouse or partner, or in a group setting, my commitment to you is to provide a safe, reflective, focused environment, to work together to help you maximize your future potential in retirement. 

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Coaching is typically conducted by telephone, video chat, or Skype. 

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